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Given the inconvenience of remembering to take both a phone and a wallet with you everywhere you go, it makes sense to switch to a digital wallet on your smartphone or smartwatch for your everyday purchases. Depending on your device, you can use a number of payment systems to make your purchases faster, smoother and easier than ever before. Use an Android system? It's easier than you think to pay online. Created especially for Android devices, Google Pay is the answer to all your digital payment needs.

What is Google Pay?

What is Google Pay?

Put simply, Google Pay is one of the fastest and simplest ways to pay online or in-store. Google Pay is a digital wallet and payment system that works via an app on your Android phone or smartwatch. It allows you to store the details of your physical cards in a digital form, thereby removing the need to carry the physical cards around with you. Google Pay allows you to store your credit, debit and other bank cards, as well as loyalty and rewards cards, all in one handy app.

Integrated with the Google Wallet system, Google Pay allows you to use the information stored in your phone to pay for items in apps, on-line and in person. Once set up, Google Pay is one of the simplest ways to pay digitally. Simply find the Google Pay app in the Google Play Store or Android Market on your device, download and follow the prompts. Unfortunately as Google Pay is built on Android software, it cannot be used on an iPhone.

Is Google Pay safe to use?

Is Google Pay safe to use?

Rest assured that Google Pay is one of the safest ways to purchase goods or services. When you buy something with Google Pay, your credit card details aren't sent to the merchant. Instead the Google Pay system creates a unique, virtual account number for every transaction. This greatly reduces the possibility of the theft of your details.

Which credit cards work with Google Pay?

Which credit cards work with Google Pay?

There are a number of Qantas Points earning credit cards, though remember that for Google Pay to work, you need an Android phone or smartwatch. If you have an Android phone or smartwatch, then simply download the Google Pay app, and follow the prompts to upload your cards.

What else should I know about Google Pay Credit Cards?

Regardless of which credit card you choose, it is important that you read the terms and conditions of any product fully to understand your obligations. We suggest visiting moneysmart for more information on credit cards, and how to best make them work for you.

Google Pay features

Google Pay features

As well as being able to use Google Pay in millions of stores around the world, Google Pay has many other features to make your life easier. You can use Google Pay to make contactless payments and save your loyalty cards, gift cards and rewards cards.

You can use Google Pay as your travel pass on public transport, though be careful to check whether your local network supports it before you board. Google Pay also allows you to autofill your details when using Google's Chrome browser.

How do I decide which Google Pay credit card is the right one for me?

How do I decide which Google Pay credit card is the right one for me?

To decide which Google Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points is right for you, compare credit cards and decide which card suits your personal needs. To make an informed choice, simply read the information available on the benefits of each card, while also taking into account your own financial situation and needs.

How do I apply for a Google Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points?

How do I apply for a Google Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points?

It's easier than you think - simply click 'Apply' on the credit card of your choice, complete the card partner's application form, wait for approval by the relevant card partner, and you'll be enjoying the convenience of a Google Pay compatible credit card that earns Qantas Points.

What you need to know

You must be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program to earn and use Qantas Points. A joining fee may apply. Membership and points are subject to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program Terms and Conditions.

The credit card products referred to on this webpage are not Qantas products and not offered or issued by Qantas but by the relevant credit licensees. The information about the credit products has been provided by the relevant credit licensees and not Qantas. Qantas does not hold an Australian Credit Licence and is not a licensee in relation to the credit activity being engaged in by the relevant credit licensees.

The information on this webpage is factual and of a general nature only and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs.

Qantas is not recommending the products described on this webpage. We recommend that you obtain independent advice before you apply for any product which is described on this webpage. Qantas does not accept liability for any loss arising from the use of, or reliance, on the information provided on this webpage.

Points are offered by the relevant program card partner and partner reward program and can only be earned on eligible purchases. Bonus points amounts offered are different for each credit card. Minimum spend criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges may apply.

^Estimated points calculations:

- Are based on a fixed monthly spend each month for the period specified and will include the relevant card’s sign on bonus points, provided the monthly spend amount meets the minimum spend criteria.

- Where 2nd year bonus points are offered and the specified time period selected is 2 years or more, these points will be included.

- Include points capping and points tiers, if applicable.

- Assume 100% of spend is categorised as eligible everyday domestic spend. Check the relevant T&Cs to determine what spend qualifies for points earning. For some products, international spend, government spend and spend on Qantas products and services may result in additional points, or fewer points, being awarded. Where applicable, eligible domestic spend is split into 4 categories:
  • Major Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels (6%),
  • Major Petrol outlets, Supermarkets and National retailers (16%)
  • Utilities (3%)
  • All other spend (75%)

- Do not factor in bonus points available for first-time Qantas Points earning credit cardholders (excludes the Qantas Money Premier Platinum credit card where these bonus points are always available).

- Do not include bonus points on balance transfers.

This tool has been prepared by Qantas and not the associated financial institution. Amounts are estimations only, to be used as a guide, and are not a guarantee of points you will earn. Refer to the full T&Cs for the relevant card to see what purchases are eligible for earning points, and to ascertain points earn rates, bonus points, fees and charges associated over the duration you hold the card.